About me

I am Mariano Molina, I study microbiology, and I like viruses.

I am 26 years old. I was born in Santiago, Veraguas, Panama, where I did my bachelor’s in medical technology.

My bachelor’s research was about respiratory viruses, and later on, I obtained a scholarship to study a master’s program abroad from SENACYT. I worked for almost two years in the Cordon de Vida lab and nearly one year in Gastrolab, Panama City, Panama.

Then I moved to Nijmegen, the Netherlands, in August 2019, where I started my master’s program in microbiology at Radboud University. The program includes two internships, and I did the first one on HPV research at the LSU Health Sciences Center at Shreveport, LA, United States.

After going back from the U.S, I did my second internship studying the cervicovaginal microbiome and its association with HPV infections at the Department of Medical Microbiology, Radboudumc, the Netherlands.

My admission to the Radboud Honours Programme allowed me to start a third research internship on the influenza virus at VIDO-InterVac, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada.

Why the name “mariano the virologist”?

I am not a virologist, and I don’t have a specialization in virology. But I hope to become one. It is like a goal in the long term. This blog pretends to show it by posting personal articles and everything related to viruses.

During every step of my life, the support of my family has been immense. That is why I must be thankful to my mom Berta Moreno, my gran grandmother Juana Villarreal, my uncles Mario Moreno and Jay Molina, and my aunt Kathia Raven.